Betsafe – Withdrawals

Winning at Casino Winner was possible in a wide variety of games. At the casino, players could choose from Megaways games, low or high-variance slots, table games, etc. Tens, fairies, and tons could increase their account balance in games representing the handprints of more than 140 game manufacturers. In betting, account replenishment can be found in individual items, live betting, combination bets, player bets, etc. As Casino Winner has stopped operating, let’s instead take a closer look at the withdrawal at Betsafe.

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Open an account

As stated, this is quick and easy, you only need to set aside a couple of minutes. Just click on the green “Open Account” button in the top right corner and a clear registration form will open.


Enter your information in the registration form

The form that opens must fill in the required information: your e-mail address, the password you have chosen and your general personal information, such as your name, address and telephone number. Make sure the information goes to the form without any typos, as you will need these to log in.


Explore the surroundings of the new casino

Voilà! That was it, your game account is ready. Log in with your email address and password of your choice. Take a look around and get used to the structure of the site, for example, take a closer look at the games on offer, maybe even test something while playing for play money.


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It’s time to play for real money – but not without bonuses, of course! Go to the deposit page and choose the deposit method that suits you, make a deposit and activate your welcome bonus. You are ready to step into the exciting world of games! Remember that Casino Winner customer service is always ready to help in case of difficulties.

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Your winnings belong to you

To dispel any worries, it’s a good idea to remind you that your winnings are just that: yours. It is a reliable casino with a Maltese EU license, so winnings are paid out on time without unnecessary delays. Betsafe will not charge any additional and air-free handling fees or costs. If such costs occur, they are charged by the bank or payment service provider.

The Maltese MGA European license also means that your profits are also entirely yours for tax purposes – assuming you are a national of such a country resident in an EU / EEA country. Thus, Scandinavians living in Scandinavia do not have to shell out any share of the big profits to the state in the form of tax income.

This is how cashing is done

Betsafe has made the use of its site easy in all respects, and this also applies to repatriation. Once you’ve been lucky enough to be on the site’s games and want to transfer your winnings – or part of them – out of your account to your own pocket, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your own profile menu from the top menu of the site. This is opened by clicking on the amount of money.
  2. Click “Withdrawals” in the pop-up menu that opens.
  3. Enter the amount you want to cash out in the “amount” field.
  4. Click the “go home” button – you’re done! You will still see confirmation of the withdrawal event.

Other things to consider before making withdrawals at withdrawal

Betsafe, the minimum amount is € 20. Attempts to repatriate amounts smaller than this will not be considered. As a general rule, it is also possible to withdraw money from the site only with the payment instrument with which you have deposited. So if you made a deposit with a Visa card, you can only make a withdrawal to that card.

Withdrawal methods available are Visa, MasterCard, Direct Bank Transfer, Trustly, Neteller, and Skrill. Due to the way it operates, the prepaid payment instrument Paysafecard can only be used to make payments, i.e. to make deposits. In this way, depositors will have to resort to bank transfers, for example.

Betsafe – Withdrawal Processing

Times Almost all withdrawals are casino staff’s payment team within a 24-hour time limit. However, this does not mean that it will take so long to process your withdrawal, as this is a maximum time and most requests will be processed well below this time. In many cases, requests are processed in a fully automated way, which further speeds up the process.

Once the casino staff has processed the withdrawal, the ball will be transferred to the payment instrument provider, i.e. the bank, card company, online wallet operator, etc. On average, the normal transfer times for different payment methods look like this:

  • Visa and MasterCard: 2-5 business days
  • Bank transfers: 2-5 business days
  • Neteller and Skrill: immediately
  • Trustly: Immediate / 1-3 business days

So Neteller and Skrill are always the fastest way to get money into your account. In the case of Trustly, most withdrawals can be transferred immediately, but in the case of some banks, at least in the evening and at night, and on weekends, transfers are not immediate.

Withdrawal at home with Betsafe – will it work?

In some situations, casino players will want to cancel a withdrawal request after making one. It could be canceling a request made by mistake, or maybe the player has only missed a delicious Betsafe Bonus Offer after making the request. There can be many reasons, but not all casinos will be able to cancel your request under any circumstances.

Betsafe cancels the withdrawal request. However, the limitation is that the cancellation will only be successful if the Finance Department staff has not yet had time to process the request. So be quick with cancellation! If the withdrawal has already been processed, the transfer is in the hands of your payment service provider and the casino can no longer influence it, even if it wanted to. At this point, the casino’s customer service is no longer worth approaching.

How then is this done?

Making a repatriation request is also easy, as you might expect. Just go to the “withdrawals” section of your game account and you’ll see all your open withdrawal requests. Usually, players don’t have very many of these open at once, often just one, if any. When you see a request you want to cancel, just click “cancel” next to it. The money requested for withdrawal will be automatically and immediately transferred back to your account and you can use it for games as you wish.

Withdrawal Problems

The majority of withdrawal requests at Betsafe go smoothly, but sometimes there may be an extra round or bump in the trip. Even in these cases, there is always a meaningful solution to the problem. The casino’s customer service is knowledgeable and accustomed to solving problems related to withdrawals.

Most of the problems are related to a few standard topics. First, before the first withdrawal, the player must identify, ie confirm, their identity. This has been made easy with Betsafe, as the instructions for downloading the few documents you need are concise and simple to follow. After authentication, withdrawals will continue to work for almost all customers without any problems.

Problems can also be encountered with means of payment – especially if a player tries to cash out winnings on a different means of payment than what he has used to deposit funds. Repatriation is also not possible for a payment instrument in the name of another person.

Also, partial or complete non-compliance with the redemption terms associated with the bonuses may result in the interruption of the withdrawal process. Always read the bonus terms of the redeemable Bonus Offer.

Whatever the problem with your withdrawal, you will be notified of the reason for the cancellation via email. Customer service will always provide additional support and assistance in resolving the issue.