Betsafe – Experience the Thrill of Betting

Casino Winner was a beloved casino and betting site, offering a wide range of casino games and sports betting options. Unfortunately, it has since ceased operations and been replaced by Betsafe, owned and operated by the same Betsson Group. Betsafe is the successor to Casino Winner, continuing the legacy of casino entertainment in many aspects, while offering an even wider range of options.

If you are interested in betting on this site and more widely online, you should continue reading. We’ll go through a bit of Betsafe’s gameplay and take a look at the bonus selection as well.

Betsafe – e-sports

The betting market has not been the same since the advent of e-sports. The e-sports market is already global and continues to grow. This growth trend has also been taken into account at Betsafe Betting, where the esports range has been especially invested. You can bet on matches and tournaments such as Dota 2 and League of Legends at any time. Esports betting is also possible live, and of course also on mobile devices.

Esports has brought completely new players to the betting courts, which is why a large proportion of the players betting on this site are also online betting for the first time. However, this is not a problem, as Betsafe has placed particular emphasis on the ease of use and intuitive interface of its betting side. Whether you’re betting on CS: GO tournaments or more traditional sports, it’s not hard – just hitting the right one can sometimes be challenging!

Betsafe – live betting

Live Betting is no longer a new thing, but every year new players find it. However, this is understandable, as traditional pre-match betting, ie betting on objects that close before the start of a match, is still a hegemonic form of betting in many countries. For many, live gaming may only be possible online.

If you go to the “Live Bet” submenu by clicking on a pair of live items, a match will open in front of you – and you can start betting on it right away. In the menu on the left, you will find a wider list of matches. As usual, more than just a result and Winner bet, there is more to offer in live betting, from over/under and tie bets.

As match events evolve, so do the odds in one direction or another. This is the real salt of live betting. In the Betsafe interface, variable odds are highlighted with a colored notification: the button flashes red as the odds decrease and highlights green as the odds increase. Keep in mind that bets are confirmed with a small delay – especially in fast-paced sports such as hockey or basketball, the odds can change at a fast pace and go past due to the delay.

Many live destinations also offer live video streaming, which can be watched by registered users with money in their game accounts. If a stream is available, a distinctive purple TV icon is next to the live item.

Live betting is a very unique kind, the culmination of dynamic gambling. If you like bench sports, you are sure to fall in love with them forever. At Betsafe, the live betting experience is enjoyable and there is no high threshold to try it out – feel free to try it!

Betsafe – Betting Features and Bonuses

The ease of use of Betsafe has already come to the fore. It also applies to betting. The menus and item information are well organized and you don’t have to search long for what you want. Once you’re a registered user and you have some money in your gaming account, placing your first bet is as easy as making hay. Thousands of destinations are guaranteed to be an exciting match for you to win in good time or with enough knowledge.

The betting section would not be complete without the statistics available for matches. Fortunately, there are more than enough for even the worst of the species. There are many detailed tools to keep track of your personal gaming history as well, so it’s easy to analyze data about the relationship between wins and losses over time.

Winning is by no means easy, especially for a beginner in betting, unless you happen to be an exceptional connoisseur of sports. However, relief can be obtained by anyone by clicking on the welcome offer for Betsafe betting. There is a free bet for ten euros!

To get a free new player bet, all you have to do is open an account on the site and deposit at least ten. After this, the first bet must be placed on the site, with a minimum bet of 1.5 euros and a odds of 1.5. This can also be played live. Once your first bet has been placed, you will immediately receive your free bet worth ten. The best part about the offer is that the winnings on the free bet will be paid out in full without the redemption requirement. By the way, this offer is only available to Scandinavian players, so don’t spoil it for others…