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Casino Winner is a diverse online casino that offers it’s services in Scandinavia, and we have detailed information about it on this page. Casino Winner is licensed in Malta and is available to EU citizens living in Scandinavia. Regardless of how much you win, your earnings are yours to the last cent, with no tax, not even a hundredth of a percent. Furthermore, the casino’s MGA license guarantees the site’s safety and games’ dependability.

If you register and open an account with Casino Winner, you will be able to play games from the world’s best game providers, whether you prefer slot machines, conventional table games, or a glitzy live casino. If you want to place bets, you can do this as well – in addition to the casino, there are betting events from all over the world. All of this is available in one place, not to mention the fantastic Casino Winner bonus offers.

On this site we will take you through all the most important aspects of the casino, specifically from the perspective of an ordinary Scandinavian player: opening an account, depositing and withdrawing methods, a variety of games, responsible gaming tools, security, customer service… in other words, we will walk you through why this gaming site has become so popular among Scandinavians!


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How to register for Casino Winner


Open an account

As stated, this is quick and easy, you only need to set aside a couple of minutes. Just click on the green “Open Account” button in the top right corner and a clear registration form will open.


Enter your information in the registration form

The form that opens must fill in the required information: your e-mail address, the password you have chosen and your general personal information, such as your name, address and telephone number. Make sure the information goes to the form without any typos, as you will need these to log in.


Explore the surroundings of the new casino

Voilà! That was it, your game account is ready. Log in with your email address and password of your choice. Take a look around and get used to the structure of the site, for example, take a closer look at the games on offer, maybe even test something while playing for play money.


Activate Welcome Bonus

It’s time to play for real money – but not without bonuses, of course! Go to the deposit page and choose the deposit method that suits you, make a deposit and activate your welcome bonus. You are ready to step into the exciting world of games! Remember that Casino Winner customer service is always ready to help in case of difficulties.

Open an Account

If you have played at online casinos in the past, you have probably come across the verification of your gaming account – this mandatory process should be handled at this casino as well. This is done to ensure that the player’s identity really is what it is claimed to be. At the same time, other legal obligations are met, for example in the fight against money laundering: this is why the casino will ask you about the origin of your funds.

However, verifying your account has been made extremely easy – when verification is required, you will receive a link from the casino’s customer service to submit your documents. Pictures taken with a cell phone camera of an ID card and household bill are good. You will receive detailed instructions and information when the matter is up to date. The whole thing only takes a few minutes and the instructions are very clear, so don’t stress about this!

Casino Winner

Casinos usually offer a beautiful setting, whether it’s traditional Las Vegas-styled casinos or online gaming venues. Aesthetics are an important part of a first-class casino experience. But no one can deny that games aren’t the most central part of that experience: no games, no casino.

Casino Winner has no shortage of games. Get instant access to traditional table game classics, video poker doubles, take advantage of the fast bonus features of modern video slots, a close-knit betting atmosphere, or even a live casino served by the right dealers… the choice is yours!

It is noteworthy that the games are actually available from many different manufacturers. So from really many, namely as many as 140! There are some familiar big names in the casino gaming industry: NetEnt, Red Tiger Gaming, Playtech, WMS, Yggdrasil… etc. As there is perhaps a wider range of game manufacturers represented than any of the competing casino sites on the internet, there will be no shortage of gaming in the future. Best of all, virtually everyone is also playable on mobile.

At this casino, it is easy to go your own way and following your own preferences is downright unobtrusive, with so many ways to organize your games. Want to play the latest lables? You bet it. Hidden gems or favoured classics? One click and you’re done. Are you really interested in pursuing big jackpots in the style of Mega Moolah and Joker Millions? You are in the right place!

Progressive jackpot slots is can be considered a kind of royal class in online casinos. Of course, you can win the usual ten or hundred euros of them, but the real draw is the record-breaking millions of euros in the prize pot. The jackpot games on Casino Winner will constantly show you how big the pot is getting to, in the game in the lobby.

The wide range of games means that there is something for everyone at Casino Winner. Or rather, I should say that to everyone a lot. Namely, the types of games that have received a little less attention are well represented, down to the scratch cards. The live casino, on the other hand, creates its own world with Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play tables. There are even roulette and blackjack tables for Scandinavian-speaking gamblers at the live tables – the Scandinavian aspect of Casino Winner is really pervasive throughout the site!

Casino Winner Betting

There’s no need to settle for just a traditional casino game, as you can win by betting on sports events – although Casino Winner’s betting is not limited to just sports!

The site’s betting section provides a very modern perspective, with a wide range of sports and match events: during the continental European season, more than 40,000 individual betting events can be found in football alone! Of course, Scandinavian favorites such as Formula 1, NHL Hockey and the Scandinavian Championship League, NBA basketball, the Winter Olympics, snooker, and others are available.

There is something to look for around the clock, and the extensive Asian and North American game markets guarantee it. Live betting enthusiasts have not been forgotten either. This form of betting that takes place during match events is an extremely exciting form of play that holds its grip. Its magic is a must to experience for yourself. Thanks to its partners, Casino Winner is even able to offer some of the live betting matches to users who have registered as a live stream!

Esports, also known as e-sports, is the newest entrant into betting heaven. There is a separate subcategory for this in Casino Winner’s betting sections. E-sports are bet on in the same way that traditional sports are, but winning requires a completely different knowledge of the sport: here, the job is League of Legends, CS: GO, or Dota 2. And, yes, you can place live bets on e-sports sites.

Responsible Gaming

Today, no one denies that gambling could also be a serious problem. Gaming players take problem gambling very seriously, and so does Casino Winner. The same serious attitude applies to information security.

The casino is partnering with the Global Gambling Guidance Group. This entity is responsible for certifications issued to gaming sites that have sufficiently high-quality restriction tools and equipment to ensure safe gaming for players. With such tools, players can make sure they never play beyond their means. Even if you don’t feel you are at risk for gambling problems, you should check out the Responsible Gaming section of Winner Casino Scandinavia.

Deposit limits are among the restriction tools available to players. These allow you to limit the amount of money you can deposit on the site in a single day, week, or even month. If desired, the limits can be reduced immediately, and the change will take effect. The increase in limits is also successful, but as a precautionary measure, the change must be delayed for up to 24 hours.

You may also set yourself a timer or a session reminder.
Playing can be a lot of fun, and while you’re having a good time, the sense of time might get a little hazy.
This feature ensures that the clock’s hands do not play tricks on you: the time reminder, as the name says, informs you of the length of the game session (every 60 minutes).
At the same time, it displays the total profit and loss for the session.

If you wish, you can also close your game account temporarily. In this case, it is not possible to log in to the account at all, not even to withdraw winnings or play with play money. Such a ban can be imposed for different lengths of time:

24 hours 2 months
1 week 3 months
1 month 6 months

Outside of these ready-made alternatives, you can specify a closing period, but this must be done through customer care. A final decision can also be made through customer care, and the game account can be permanently cancelled.The money in the game account will be repaid to the player in this scenario, and the game account will no longer be able to be reopened.

Casino Winner’s friendly customer service is always happy to tell you more about the use of restriction tools and responsible gaming. The casino’s website also has a self-assessment test that allows you to assess your own relationship to gambling and its potential problematic nature.

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Casino Winner has placed great emphasis on offering a rich, exciting and diverse selection of games that have something for everyone.


Casino Winner’s license to operate online gambling is from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), an EU country. The exact license registration number of the license issued by MGA is MGA / CRP / 108/2004, and you can check on the MGA website at any time whether the license of a gaming site is indeed one of the authorized operators it lists.

Why is a license so crucial, and why is it so common at online casinos and the affiliated sites that deal with them?
It’s just a matter of a public operator, such as the MGA, issuing a license as a guarantee of the site’s legal operation and integrity.

According to the license, the site’s functioning is monitored by an official body.
Of course, the degree to which these regulatory bodies exercise control varies, but the MGA is one of the most exemplary ends of the gaming business. A licensed gaming corporation may lose its license if it violates the terms of the license. This has happened before in history.
As a result, gaming companies have a tremendous incentive to be truthful to players and respect the regulations.

In addition: as a license issued by an EU authority, Casino Winner operates within the framework of EU and Maltese laws and regulations and the principles of free movement of services apply. As a result, Scandinavian players will also be able to enjoy completely tax-free winnings.

Casino Winner – Customer Service

Casino Winner makes it easy to get help from knowledgeable customer support staff when needed. Best of all, they are available around the clock, and even in Scandinavian. Although it may not be possible to get support in Scandinavian in the small hours, it is mainly possible to get answers to inquiries really quickly.

The player can choose whether to access the casino on their business via live chat, email or phone. However, a direct telephone number is not provided, as the telephone service operates through a call request through the website. These requests are usually answered within 15 to 60 minutes. However, live chat is clearly the fastest way to connect with casino staff, with an average response time of about half a minute.

Before contacting us, please refer to the Help Center’s Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can find the answer to your problem through text search or clearly built menus. If you want to see what’s happening behind the scenes at the casino, you can use your language skills and visit Casino Winner’s English-language website (in addition, the website is also available in Norwegian). On this side you will find a blog with quality information on casino games and betting. The blog also features videos such as introductions to blackjack and roulette.

Is it safe for Casino Winner to open an account and play?

Yes, because Casino Winner only uses secure means of payment and encrypts all communications. In addition, the site has perhaps the most prestigious license in the world gambling market, awarded by the Malta Gaming Authority.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals?

Visa, MasterCard (including Maestro), Trustly, Neteller, EcoPayz, Transfer, paysafecard and Euteller can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Domestic Euteller allows the use of online banking for deposits to a gaming account.

What games can be played at Casino Winner?

This could be answered with a counter-question: what not? The casino’s range of games is one of the widest in the network, with games from as many as 140 game manufacturers. In addition to casino games, there is also a live casino and betting services.

Is there customer service in case of problems?

Yes, customer service is always available not only in the form of ready-made instructions, but also from the right human customer service representatives. Support is available in Scandinavian, and there is always someone on duty 24 hours a day and a year. Contact channels include live chat, email and phone (via call request).

How can I set a deposit limit for myself?

It’s easy. Log in to the casino and head to the “Responsible Gaming” section and below to “set a limit”. In addition to the deposit limits, the section on responsible gaming also includes, for example, closing periods and time reminders.

Can I get bonus money from Casino Winner?

Yes. Casino Winner offers a variety of bonuses, including bonus money and cash rounds. New and valid Bonus Offers can be found on the casino website under “Promot”.