Betsafe Customer Service goes on a Winning Streak!

Casino Winner was aware that there can be no excellent online casino without excellent customer service, and the customer service of the site was among the best in the gaming industry in terms of both expertise and usability. However, Casino Winner has since ceased operations and has been replaced by Betsafe, owned and operated by the same Betsson Group. Betsafe Casino now offers the same great customer service and gaming experience that Casino Winner was known for.

On this page, we review how the casino offers its customer service in all Scandinavian languages on how the players on the site can best get help with any problems they may encounter. We’ll also take a small look at how responsible gaming tools can improve player safety at Betsafe – an important part of customer service too.

Betsafe live chat

Most players choose live chat, which outperforms traditional tools in their convenience and speed. Where you have to wait an hour for an e-mail response, you can reach the customer service packet in an average of 30 seconds via chat. Best of all, the live chat is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

Live chat can be easily accessed by clicking on the “Chat with us” button at the bottom of the Betsafe website. You can also open the chat in the FAQ / Help Center section. Before joining the chat, the customer should fill out their form and the subject of the problem on the form.

In chat, solutions to problems are usually found quickly, as the gaming professionals are experienced and well-versed in the operation of the site. However, if the matter requires further investigation, it will be referred to the relevant party, and the matter can be returned to, for example, by e-mail.

Unlike many other casinos, Betsafe allows you to send attachments via live chat. So you don’t have to open your inbox. For example, screenshots can be sent as attachments to help illustrate problem cases.

Betsafe email and phone service

Betsafe doesn’t rely on chatting alone. Many players want to write in detail and for a little longer, and on the other hand, some things require it too – then email is a good option. Similarly, it is easier for many people to speak aloud than to write: in this case, it is natural to use telephone contact.

The casino’s Scandinavian-language customer service e-mail address is support-fi@casinowinner.com, so it’s worth tossing a mile here if the e-mail is your choice and there are problems with the site. Email response times vary widely, but often you can get back in less than an hour.

For example, telephone service is not available by calling 0800 directly, as Betsafe has a callback service instead. This is accessed through a simple contact form: all you have to do is leave your name and phone number on the site for the casino. You don’t usually have to wait more than an hour to call.

Betsafe FAQ

Every quality casino has a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section. This avoids unnecessary burdens on customer service representatives – the majority of problem situations are such that they recur for multiple customers over the years. Therefore, it makes sense to write down the solutions to such common problems – it’s a good idea to go to the FAQ section first if you run into any problems with your site.

It is easy to find a solution in the FAQ either by simple text search or on the left side by theme: deposits, game account confirmation, betting, promotions and bonuses, cookie settings, etc. In any case, contact details are always available in the FAQ section, help is always close.

Like the rest of Betsafe’s other website and customer service, the Frequently Asked Questions section is written in its entirety in Scandinavian. Getting help through this does not run into a language barrier.

Closing an account – how it works

There can be many reasons for closing a gaming account, but most of the time it is related to the difficulty of managing your gambling. Where most of us are able to play casino games and bet within our means, this is causing some problems. Ultimately, you may even have to close your account altogether to manage these issues. This has been made straightforward by Betsafe, as the casino takes the issue of responsible gaming with extreme seriousness. This is already required by the site’s license.

The game account can be closed either temporarily or permanently. A temporary ban can be set for a minimum of a day or a couple of ready-made options but for a maximum of six months. Other periods outside of these ready-made options are possible, but you must contact customer service for these, and the limits will not take effect immediately. Such a ban can be lifted if you wish, but you must still wait 24 hours for it to be lifted.

A more permanent ban is also possible – in this case, the game account cannot be accessed at all, even during the selected period. Of course, the most permanent solution is to close your game account permanently. In that case, it may not be reopened on request after any period. In all cases, however, any funds remaining in your gaming account will be credited to you prior to the final deletion of your gaming account. Please note that due to its legal obligations, Betsafe may be required to retain some information about you and your gaming account. For example, marketing communications will no longer be targeted to you after your game account is permanently closed.

Betsafe Responsible Gaming

In addition to the blocking measures and tools described above, responsible gaming is much more than just closing a gaming account. Even without a history of problem gambling, everyone should at least consider setting different deposit limits. Responsible gaming practices also include that Betsafe actively makes every effort to prevent minors from gambling on its site.

The Responsible Gaming section of Betsafe is also a place worth visiting. Here, for example, you will find a gaming self-assessment test, in which you can determine your own level of gambling risk through nine easy questions. This test is also worth completing, even if your own gaming doesn’t seem particularly problematic. The same section also contains contact information for Scandinavian organizations that offer help with problem gambling.

Betsafe Withdrawals

If winnings start to crash into your game account, it will definitely be time to withdraw them at some point. For this purpose, Betsafe offers players a choice of different payment methods – although it should be noted that the withdrawal is mainly made with the same payment instrument used to deposit the game account. The payment methods used by the casino are secure and easy to use, but there are some differences between them.

The traditional payment/debit cards use Visa and MasterCard, as well as the Maestro version of the latter. You can withdraw money from your online wallets to your Skrill and Neteller accounts, while Trustly quickly handles the money to your bank account. Direct bank transfers are also possible. However, Trustly, which supports all domestic online banks, is the number one favorite of Scandinavian players, as it is in most cases a payment method that offers almost immediate withdrawals. Regardless of the method of payment, the minimum withdrawal is 20 euros, and no additional fees are charged for withdrawals.

Withdrawal requests on the Betsafe payment team take up to 24 hours to process, but in most cases, this is significantly faster. Most requests are processed automatically. Before the first withdrawal, the player must have confirmed their gaming account, but this routine of online casinos is handled very quickly at this casino.

Betsafe News

Betsafe strives to keep its players up to date with what’s happening on its site. If you want to receive news about, for example, the latest bonus offers and special promotions, make sure you have enabled this profile in your marketing preferences.

You can also follow the latest twists and turns on the game’s website in its English version, which features a blog offering comprehensive gambling information. There is also some video material included. This blog is not yet available in English, but hopefully, a change will be made soon!